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Happy Tummy

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Imorove disgestion, gut health, better absorption of vitamins and immunity , avoid frequent stomach upsets, avoid frequent indegistion. Easy and fun to have.

  • Improves gut health, digestion, immunity, absorption of vitamins and proteins,
  • Reduce Irritable bowel syndrome, frequent stomach aches, constipation, and digestive problems.
  • Our probiotics- 2 Billioin CFU of Baccilus coagulans that has been researched and proven to improve symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and functional abdominal pain in children
  • Our prebiotic is a special blend of plant fiber from 3 fruits that, promotes the growth of favorable gut bacteria, has enteroprotective effects
  • Our plant based natural solution that is made from natural ingredients
  • Easy to take gummy that children will love.
  • Free of gluten and common allergens.
  • Formulated by mother and pediatric gastroenterologist.


Happy Tummy
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